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The spirit of Topone:
Equal, innovative, trusty and cooperative.
The principle of enrollment:
Have common goal and encourage differences.
Code of conducts:
Honest, promise-keeping, clear between the public and private.
Concepts of management:
Take the talented as core, creativity as motivation, market as life, quality as foundation.
Our goal:
Try to become the first-class enterprise, make customers' life more comfortable and benefit the society.
Meanings of our logo:
The trademark Topone originates from the English name "Topone". The variant red letter "O" is like a tiger head, which shows our ambition to be the king of this trade.
Our management team:
We have focused on establishing a dynamic team with high quality and high efficiency since the birthday. We take the talented as core and the creativity as motivation to create the fair, harmonious and competitive working atmosphere, take capital stock option as the main means to encourage the workers in different lines, and take the contribution as the important basis of rewards and punishment. These methods motivate every worker and make the best use of human resources.
The primary quality of the management team:
Study continuously.
Way of working:
Efficient and not rigid in form.
Foresight and consciousness of crisis.
Our service promise:
1.We offer reliable, practical products and prompt, personalized service for customers.
2.We guarantee the "one year's free repair, lifelong service" of our products.
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