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Topone Information Technology Co., Ltd (Topone InfoTech for short), with its headquarters based at the beautiful West Lake lakeside, is a leading data (optical) communications company mainly providing fiber-optic transmission systems and network access equipments in China.
Since its establishment, Topone InfoTech has been building a high quality, high efficiency and energetic professional team. Taking talents as the core company value and innovation as the motivation force, the company strives to construct an equal-opportunity, harmonious and stimulating working environment.
Topone InfoTech is established on the foundation of research, development and sales of its own leading products that the company owns intellectual property. The development goal of Topone InfoTech is to become one of the leading providers in the field of data access in Chinese communications industry. In addition, Topone InfoTech has established partnerships with several domestic and international communications companies. Cooperated with the telecommunications equipment providers in the industry, the company is aiming to unify the market of PDH optical terminal equipment and set up the biggest OEM base of optical terminal equipment in China.
Topone InfoTech has received the ISO9001 certificate, "Quality System Authentication Certificate" of the Authentication Center of Post and Telecommunications Quality System, and "Network Access License of Telecommunication Equipment" of the Ministry of Information Industry.
Topone InfoTech's product management strategy:
The IP technology as core technology;
The design of integrated circuit and applicable software as technology support;
The optical-transmitting terminal equipment and network access equipment as two main product lines;
Data access network and local area network as the main market field.
Topone InfoTech engages with the following communication and network products:
1. PDH optical terminal equipments
2. Edge network integrated transmission equipments
3. Interface converters
4. Ethernet fiber transceivers
Topone InfoTech commits to provide customers with the best product follow-up services. The company promises:
1. Meet customers' requirement and provide satisfied products.
2. Provide quality follow-up services.
3. Offer one-year warranty and lifetime service to the products sold.
Topone InfoTech will continue to build up its image as a professional data communications company in China and overseas. The company is expanding its business around the world and especially welcomes the partnerships with oversea companies.
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