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E1 Channel Protection Switching
TIC-E102 E1 channel protection switching

System Introduction£º
      TIC-E102 E1 channel ¡°1+1¡±protection switching equipment is a kind of transmission equipment providing point-to-point protection to E1 data. The transmission capacity is one line. One line of E1 means to provide channel protection function for one line of E1. Moreover, Ethernet and RS232 data service can be transmitted in a standard E1 channel.      When one line of user E1 is access to the equipment, it is able to copy the data and educe two lines of protective E1. The data transmitted on the output two E1 lines are identical to the access data of the user E1, and the output two E1 lines separately correspond to different directions. At the receiving side, the system default is to receive E1 data from the main channel; if the system detects a loss of E1 data received by the main channel, it will automatically switch to the standby channel for receiving; when the main channel recovers its normal receiving function, the system will reset the main channel for receiving data. Therefore, it can effectively eliminate damages on transmission data of user¡¯s signals due to fault of transmission path or line fault, ensure normal and reliable transmission of data between user equipment, and improve survival capability of network.
      The system is applicable for all important 2Mb/s circuits to be protected in special networks such as telecommunication, Mobile, electric power, banking, securities, party administration, custom, public security, marine affairs and so on.
Product Pictures£º
Front panel
Product Feature£º
      In the case of power failure to the equipment, the user equipment will be directly connected to the main channel;
      The equipment can be set to automatic switching mode, or manually set to work with either the main channel or the standby channel. Under the automatic switching mode;
      The equipment will real-time monitor the signal quality (information such as error code and alarm) on the two transmission paths, and select one line to receive signals on the basis of the predetermined switching condition. 
      The switching time is shorter than 1ms. When the system automatically detects that the main channel is recovered, it will switch back to the main channel. The switching time can be within nanoseconds, or even damage-free switching can be realized.
      All interfaces of TIC-E102 equipment are located on the front panel to facilitate installation and management.
      E1 Interface In accord with ITU-T G.703 and G.823 etc,Additionally, designed with anti-surge protection and anti-static protection features.
      The equipment is designed with improved alarm functions and alarm indication in accord with ITU-T recommendation.
Typical application:

Technical Specification£º

E1 interface

Interface characteristics

in accord with G.703©pG.704©pG.823

Interface velocity


Line code type


75¦¸ unbalanced


CRC-4 insert delay


switching time


Switching judgment index


Power Supply

Input voltage


Voltage Fluctuation


Power Consumption


Operating Environment

Operating Temprature


Storing Temperature


Relative Humidity



Meet GJB151A-97, SC standards

Ordering information£º




Outside dimensions



1*channel protection switching,AC




1*channel protection switching,DC




1*channel protection switching,AC+DC




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