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Product Overview
TOP-E510 is a new ONU device based on EPON technology designed especially for application in electric power communication system. It applies two uplink PON interfaces and is suitable for the application of "Hand in hand" ring network in electric power distribution network. It provides four 100Mbps Ethernet interfaces, four configurable RS232 or RS-485 interfaces, and four digital input ports, which can fully meet the demands of power distribution automation network and the requirement of rapid and adaptive fault management from the State Grid, and thus provides more reliable power supply to users and ensures better electric power quality.
TOP-E510 is based on a single chip solution with dual PON MAC developed by TOPONE. It applies unified software and hardware architecture, and fully integrated industrial equipment's advantages of high reliability, easy management and maintenance, low power consumption and guaranteed security, etc.



l   Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EPON, IEEE 802.3ah 1000Base-PX20, and the technical requirement of EPON equipment (V3.0) from China Telecom, supports interconnection with many popular OLT equipments in the market.
l   Adopts single chip solution with dual PON MAC developed by TOPONE and features simplicity and high efficiency.
l   Provides two uplink EPON optical port to achieve 1+1 protection.
l   Supports 4 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces, auto-negotiable.
l   Provides a true non-blocking switching architecture with full wire speed forwarding, and supports VLAN & Q-in-Q.
l   Provides 4 serial interfaces, configurable as RS232 or RS485.
l   Support 4 digital input interfaces.
l   Provides a Console port.
l   Supports a variety of communication protocol of electric power system, supports transparent transmission of all packets
l   Supports power supply of 220VAC or 12 / 24V / 48VDC.
l   Supports OAM configuration and administration function.
l   Provides flexible bandwidth management ability, supports dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), and comprehensively guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service);
l   Supports security mechanism and maintenance function.
l   1U height, rack and wall mountable design.
l   Low power consumption, fan-less, lightning and static electricity protection design, supports over-voltage and over-current protection with energy saving, environmental protection and high reliability.
Metal case, 230×145×44 mm
2×PON: 1000BASE-PX20-U, SC/PC connecter
4×FE: 100BASE-T/10BASE-T, RJ45 connector
4×RS232/RS485 (optional): RJ45 connector
4×Digital Input (optical isolation): RJ45 connector
1×Console port: RJ45 connector
EPON Features
Supports ONU stable registration mechanism
Provides dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) function
Supports OAM configuration and administration function
Supports multi-service QoS mechanism
Dual PON ports with master/standby redundancy protection
Power Supply
AC: 220V
DC: 12 / 24 / 48V
Power Consumption
< 15W
Working Temperature
Relative Humidity 
5%~95% (non- condensing)
< 1Kg
Typical Application
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