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    TOM-C04E 4E1 PDH Optical Multiplexer     TIC-E102 E1 channel protection switching     TIC-2014-TX E1/ETH Interface Converter
Product Overview
TOP-E130 is an EPON terminal device designed for fulfilling the request of broadband access in SOHO application, the increasing bandwidth demands for triple-play, and the requirements for extending the access range of FTTO/FTTB/FTTD to increase enterprise network coverage from telecom carriers. It is also applicable for HFC bi-directional reconstruction of broadcast & TV operators.
TOP-E130 is based on a gigabit EPON chip developed by TOPONE which has high performance-cost ratio, and integrated with EPON technology and Ethernet switching technology. It applies unified software and hardware architecture, and features high reliability, easy management, flexible configuration and guaranteed QoS. TOP-E130 is fully compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard and the technical requirement of EPON equipment (V3.0) from China Telecom.
l   Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EPON, IEEE 802.3ah 1000Base-PX20, and the technical requirement of EPON equipment (V3.0) from China Telecom, supports interconnection with popular OLT equipments in the market.
l   Adopts the gigabit EPON chip solution developed by TOPONE and features high performance-cost ratio.
l        Plug and play, supports auto- discovery and auto-configuration etc.
l   Provides 4 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces, auto-negotiable.
l   Supports auto MDIX.
l   Provides a true non-blocking switching architecture with full wire speed forwarding, and supports VLAN & Q-in-Q.
l   Provides flexible bandwidth management ability, supports dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), and comprehensively guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service)
l   Supports OAM configuration and administration function.
l   Supports launched optical power measurement and laser shutdown function.
l   Provides power down alert function.
l   Supports security mechanism and OAM function.
Metal case, 17211233 mm
1PON: 1000BASE-PX20-U, SC/PC connecter
4FE: 100BASE-T/10BASE-T, RJ45 connector
EPON Features
Supports ONU stable registration mechanism
Provides dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) function
Supports OAM configuration and administration function
Supports multi-service QoS mechanism
Support optical power measurement
Power Supply
AC: 220V
DC: 12 / 24 / 48V
Power Consumption
< 15W
Working Temperature
Relative Humidity 
5%~95% (non- condensing)
< 0.7Kg
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