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    TOM-C04E 4E1 PDH Optical Multiplexer     TIC-E102 E1 channel protection switching     TIC-2014-TX E1/ETH Interface Converter
Product Overview
TOP-E110 is an EPON terminal device designed for fulfilling the request of broadband access in SOHO application, the increasing bandwidth demands for triple-play, and the requirements for extending the access range of FTTO/FTTB/FTTD to increase enterprise network coverage from telecom carriers. It is also applicable for HFC bi-directional reconstruction of broadcast & TV operators.
TOP-E110 is based on a gigabit EPON chip developed by TOPONE which has high performance-cost ratio. It applies unified software and hardware architecture, and features high reliability, easy management, flexible configuration and guaranteed QoS. TOP-E110 is fully compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard and the technical requirement of EPON equipment (V3.0) from China Telecom.
l   Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EPON, IEEE 802.3ah 1000Base-PX20, and the technical requirement of EPON equipment (V3.0) from China Telecom, supports interconnection with popular OLT equipments in the market.
l   Adopts the gigabit EPON chip solution developed by TOPONE and features high performance-cost ratio.
l        Plug and play, supports auto- discovery and auto-configuration etc.
l   Provides 1 port of 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface, auto-negotiable.
l   Supports auto MDIX.
l   Supports OAM configuration and administration function.
l   Supports launched optical power measurement and laser shutdown function.
l   Provides power down alert function.
l   Supports security mechanism and OAM function.
Plastic case, 15011030 mm
1PON: 1000BASE-PX20-U, SC/PC connecter
1GE: 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface, RJ45 connector
EPON Features
Supports ONU stable registration mechanism
Provides dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) function
Supports OAM configuration and administration function
Support optical power measurement
Power Supply
DC: 12V, connected with AC-DC power adapter
Power Consumption
< 5W
Working Temperature
Relative Humidity 
5%~95% (non- condensing)
< 0.3Kg
Typical Application

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