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Topone Information Technology Co., Ltd (Topone InfoTech for short), with its headquarters based at the beautiful West Lake lakeside, is a leading data (optical) communications company mainly providing fiber-optic transmission systems and network access equipments in China.
Since its establishment, Topone InfoTech has been building a high quality, high efficiency and energetic professional team. Taking talents as the core company value and innovation as the motivation force, the company strives to construct an equal-opportunity, harmonious and stimulating working environment.
Topone InfoTech is established on the foundation of research, development and sales of its own leading products that the company owns intellectual property. The development goal of Topone InfoTech is to become one of the leading providers in the field of data access in Chinese communications industry. In addition, Topone InfoTech has established partnerships with several domestic and international communications companies. Cooperated with the telecommunications equipment providers in the industry, the company is aiming to unify the market of PDH optical terminal equipment and set up the biggest OEM base of optical terminal equipment in China.
Topone InfoTech has received the ISO9001 certificate, "Quality System Authentication Certificate" of the Authentication Center of Post and Telecommunications Quality System, and "Network Access License of Telecommunication Equipment" of the Ministry of Information Industry.
Topone InfoTech's product management strategy:
The IP technology as core technology;
The design of integrated circuit and applicable software as technology support;
The optical-transmitting terminal equipment and network access equipment as two main product lines;
Data access network and local area network as the main market field.
Topone InfoTech engages with the following communication and network products:
1. PDH optical terminal equipments
2. Edge network integrated transmission equipments
3. Interface converters
4. Ethernet fiber transceivers
Topone InfoTech commits to provide customers with the best product follow-up services. The company promises:
1. Meet customers' requirement and provide satisfied products.
2. Provide quality follow-up services.
3. Offer one-year warranty and lifetime service to the products sold.
Topone InfoTech will continue to build up its image as a professional data communications company in China and overseas. The company is expanding its business around the world and especially welcomes the partnerships with oversea companies.
TOM-C04E 4E1 PDH Optical Multiplexer
Product Introduction
      TOM-C04E Compact Optical multiplexer is a low cost and high performance optical line transmission equipment, which combines four ITU-T G.703 compliant standard electrical E1, 2.048Mbps signals into an optical data stream for transport over fiber optic cables. Several transmitter options for different cable types and wave-lengths are available. This optical line equipment is developed for transmission in access networks, corporate networks, dedicated networks for railway and power companies etc.
¡ñ¡¡Advanced and compact design that performs E1 multiplexing & de-multiplexing and provides a 16.896Mbit/s optical interface in a single unit.
¡ñ¡¡Built-in AC/DC or DC/DC converter and supervisory microprocessor
¡ñ¡¡Digital clock data recovery for E1 signal
¡ñ¡¡Provides visible and audible alarm indication
¡ñ¡¡Low power consumption
¡ñ¡¡Order wire channel for end to end installation and maintenance
¡ñ¡¡Auxiliary data channel in optical line code
¡ñ¡¡Centralized network management with the Topone NMS
¡ñ¡¡High reliability
¡ñ¡¡Flexible installation in various mechanical constructions.
TIC-E102 E1 channel protection switching

System Introduction£º
      TIC-E102 E1 channel ¡°1+1¡±protection switching equipment is a kind of transmission equipment providing point-to-point protection to E1 data. The transmission capacity is one line. One line of E1 means to provide channel protection function for one line of E1. Moreover, Ethernet and RS232 data service can be transmitted in a standard E1 channel.      When one line of user E1 is access to the equipment, it is able to copy the data and educe two lines of protective E1. The data transmitted on the output two E1 lines are identical to the access data of the user E1, and the output two E1 lines separately correspond to different directions. At the receiving side, the system default is to receive E1 data from the main channel; if the system detects a loss of E1 data received by the main channel, it will automatically switch to the standby channel for receiving; when the main channel recovers its normal receiving function, the system will reset the main channel for receiving data. Therefore, it can effectively eliminate damages on transmission data of user¡¯s signals due to fault of transmission path or line fault, ensure normal and reliable transmission of data between user equipment, and improve survival capability of network.
      The system is applicable for all important 2Mb/s circuits to be protected in special networks such as telecommunication, Mobile, electric power, banking, securities, party administration, custom, public security, marine affairs and so on.
Product Pictures£º
Front panel
Product Feature£º
      In the case of power failure to the equipment, the user equipment will be directly connected to the main channel;
      The equipment can be set to automatic switching mode, or manually set to work with either the main channel or the standby channel. Under the automatic switching mode;
      The equipment will real-time monitor the signal quality (information such as error code and alarm) on the two transmission paths, and select one line to receive signals on the basis of the predetermined switching condition. 
      The switching time is shorter than 1ms. When the system automatically detects that the main channel is recovered, it will switch back to the main channel. The switching time can be within nanoseconds, or even damage-free switching can be realized.
      All interfaces of TIC-E102 equipment are located on the front panel to facilitate installation and management.
      E1 Interface In accord with ITU-T G.703 and G.823 etc,Additionally, designed with anti-surge protection and anti-static protection features.
      The equipment is designed with improved alarm functions and alarm indication in accord with ITU-T recommendation.
Typical application:

TIC-2014-TX E1/ETH Interface Converter

Product introduction:
      TIC-2014-TX is a high performance and adaptive type remote etheric Bridges. Its small size, low cost, very suitable for sensitive to cost bridge application, or as a bittorrent the infrastructure of the local area network extension or block device. Continuous learning can be connected to it the MAC address of a local area network, and will be the destination address as another LAN frame forwarding. The LAN form entities as many as 10000 address, and can be updated. Filtering and forwarding the operation when maximum rate for 30000 cycles per second (line speed), buffer can accommodate 256 frames, throughput waiting for 1 frame. As extending the application or section, a filter and banned filter two work of the state, to decide whether to let all the traffic can be transmitted in a wan.
Product picture:
TIC-2014-TX  Front panel
TIC-2014-TX  Back panel(DC-48V)
TIC-2014-TX  Back panel(AC220V)
TIC-2014-TX  Front panel (Card)
Product Feature£º
      The upstream port is E1-switch bridge; 
      Supporting 1600 long frames, accordance with Interior Switching LinkL (ISL) protocol;
      Ethernet port: of five service modes, i.e. 10M/half-duplex, 10M/full-duplex, 100M/half-duplex, 100M/full-duplex and self-adaptive;
      Supporting local E1 port loop-back;
      The Ethernet port is self-adaptive to crossover or shoot-through cable to avoid the trouble of new wire making;
      Supporting up to four Ethernet ports, supporting port mask, hence save one Ethernet switcher for the user;
      SNMP(V1 / V2C) XVIEW management software.
Typical application:

TIC-EOS01 Ethernet/STM-1 Converter

Product introduction:
      TIC-EOS01 Series take SDH technology as its core to provide access, provide broadband IP service, realize access and convergence faced with broadband data application, and is a device for comprehensive access conversion in the applications between Ethernet access services and SDH load-carrying net.
      The devices is supplied with 2 interfaces, STM-1 interface (network interface) and 100M Ethernet interface (user interface), Ethernet data frames from access network received by Ethernet interface is converted STM-1 SDH frames, and conveyed to SDH rig net through STM-1 interface. Whole communication is realized through convergence and data receiving on the opposite terminal.
      Providing sound level ensured data transmission service, module designed for complete device, STM-1 interface and Ethernet interface can be optional for electrical or optical port.
Typical applications include IP DSLAM backhauling, enterprise connectivity, and high-bandwidth private line services¡£
Product picture:
TIC-EOS01  Front panel
TIC-EOS01  Back panel(AC220V)
Functional characteristics:
      Provides a STM-1 Optical interface and a FE electricity interfaces, business interface board support hot plugging dial the, convenient maintenance and replacement;
      Through the SDH complete VC-4 carrying GFP (GFP-F) encapsulates the 100 M Ethernet business;
      EoS have very low delay and delay jitter (within 10 ¦Ì s), can ensure real-time data transmission QoS;
      With excellent synchronization characteristics; 
      Optional power supply, DC-48V or AC220V.
Typical application:

TOM-M04 Ethernet Integrated Optical Multiplexer

Product introduction:
      TOM-M04 Ethernet Integrated Optical Multiplexer is quasi-MSTP family equipment. With highly integrated optimized structure, the equipment can provide four standard E1 interfaces, a service telephone and four 10/100M Ethernet interfaces. Besides, equipment is furnished with complete alarming and network management functions. Self-check and E1 loop-back tests are also allowed. The complete alarming functions include alarms of LOS, LOF, 10-3 error codes, 10-6 error codes of lines and alarms of LOS and HDB3 encoding violation of E1 branches. Users can also configure the equipment to output aural alarm signals. The perfect designs enable it a new generation of transmission product that is stable and reliable, pleasing and delicate, economical and practical and excellent in transmission. Transmission impedance matching can be performed through simple pin-type jumpers or toggle switches. Users can also select different interface adapters for different transmission interfaces. The equipment is especially suitable for constructing flexible multi-service transmission network. Users can find its application in interoffice trunks of exchangers, transmission of LAN data, 2M accesses of leased services of large customers, etc.
      As the result of mature technology, all of the software and hardware of the high-performance equipment are of modular structure. Part of the hardware adopts ASIC circuit and integrates CPLD, CPU encoding, decoding, information insertion and alarm switching. In this way, the circuit is simplified and reliability of the equipment is improved. Besides, ASIC circuit is also introduced into part of the electrical interfaces. These interfaces are thus endowed with functions including digital sampling clock, digital smooth phase lock and encoding/decoding. As a result, indices of the family are highly above ITU-T Recommendations.
Product picture:
TOM-M04  Front panel
TOM-M04  Back panel (AC220V)
TOM-M04  Back panel (DC-48V)
TOM-M04   Back panel (AC220V/DC-48V)

TOM-KM04  Front panel

Product Feature£º
      Realize integrated transmission of E1 services and Ethernet services for large customers and provide 4E1£«4*10/100M service access;
      Provide hundred-megabit parallel interfaces, the four Ethernet interfaces share 100M bandwidth;
      Various additional interface channels that can be used as serial interfaces, service interfaces and monitoring interfaces, etc;
      The equipment not only integrates Ethernet data transmission and exchange but also supports configuring different users in different VLAN to facilitate large customers such as business groups and organizations in different locations to establish internal data communication;
      Built-in Ethernet switching chip, which can provide 4 uplink 10M/100M interfaces to set up external data channels;
      Support VLAN partition setting of different users and provide basic safety mechanism, etc;
      Support loop-back setting of E1 interfaces;
      Provide complete warning instructions of optical interfaces, E1 interfaces and Ethernet interfaces.
Typical application:

TOM-E01 high-speed fiber modem

Product introduction:
      TOM-E01 high-speed fiber modem, to realize the Ethernet data signals directly to a single mode or multimode fiber. Offers a variety of clock work way for choice, has the formidable loop back testing function, as a cat to use light single data transmission has its unique advantage. Also can and TOM-G01, TIC-2010 cooperate to use , mainly for the Ethernet distance to bridge, Ethernet data extensions of the mouth.
Product picture:
TOM-E01  Front panel
TOM-E01  Back panel (AC220V)
TOM-E01  Back panel (DC-48V)
Product Feature£º
      Modulate Ethernet data signals directly onto single or multi-mode fiber, with available Ethernet bandwidth N¡Á64K;
      Data interface rate of 2.048 Mbps;
      Powerful loop back test function;
      Optional Internal clock, slave clock manner of working.
Typical application:


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